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Misc. Information

Organic Material Dumping
Illegal dumping and burning yard waste often generates community concern.  Disposal Companies will not typically pick up these types of items because they fill the landfills that are needed for household garbage and other like refuse. This creates a dilemma for homeowners.

Those that have the yard space can make compost piles.  By mixing things like leaves, grass clippings, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, etc., you can make the perfect compost mixture.  This mixture breaks down, forms humus, which can be mixed with your soil to make it rich.  When its gardening time, mix 2” of compost to the top 6” of soil.

Residents of Watertown Township have an additional option.  Your leaves, tree branches, cut up trees, grass clippings, rocks, stones, and broken cement can be hauled to our Township Dumping Site on Goodrich Road, east of Fostoria Rd.  No household garbage or refuse of any kind is accepted.  By Michigan State Law we cannot accept plastic, foam, paper, rubber, metal, man-made wood materials, or any materials from the demolishing of a home (interior or exterior).

A key to the Watertown Townnship Brush Dump can be obtained from any Township Board member from Spring until Fall.   Before dumping anything, it must be visibly inspected by the person that you get the key from.

The Township Dumping Site is located on the South side of Goodrich Rd., East of Fostoria Road.