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Board Members

 Please Note, We have had an issue with someone posing as our Zoning Administrator. All permits and monies MUST go to Mike Sparks.

Board of Trustees
Supervisor Frank Worvie
 Clerk Malisa Pyles 
Treasurer Hazel Schlosser

Stephanie Nelson

Trustee Chloe Valentine



Deborah Valentine                    



Zoning Administrator

Mike Sparks   989-795-3100


Planning Commission with Trustee Chloe Valentine
 Mike Barnard / Gary Burns 
Darrin Dingus
Jamie Thatcher
Janet Huff
Boyd Vollweiler



Zoning Board of Appeals w Trustee Stephanie Nelson
Mike Barnard 
Rick Pyles 
Walt Moser
Frank Schlosser



Board of Review
James Long
Gary Terbush
Arnold Middleton

 Alternate Phil Green



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